Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Talk Days: Update 9/11/2018

Ohai~! Alexander here.

I have a small update for today, since I couldn't use Twitter.

First of all, let's address the elephant in the room. It's 9/11. Many of us know what happened in this date. I feel bad for those who were affected by the attacks. Well, not really, because it's all in the past now. Not many people care that much about it today, but we won't forget about it. Happy 9/11, everyone!

Second, recently, I've started watching Victor Magtanggol, a Philippine TV show based on Norse Mythology. Gotta be honest, I regret watching it, because it's somewhat terrible. The story, however, is decent, as expected from GMA Network. Because of this show, I waste valuable hours of my life. It was never satisfying, but I'm still watching because of the intriguing story. I couldn't say any of this because I couldn't use Twitter. I had a lot of opinions on the episodes of the show but I couldn't show them because my Twitter account was locked. I really wish that I could comment more about the show because the show has issues.

And finally, I've decided again to do multi-tasking. Well, sort of. On Saturdays and Sundays, I work on Codename Riddles and try to replace the missing images of BlogMC. But, from Monday to Friday, I work on Rejected Domination and ProjCaplas. It would be hard to do because I had to focus on multiple things, but we'll see if this works.

Oh! I'm also watching some Cardcaptor Sakura. It's pretty cute and adorable. I was skeptical at first, but as I continued watching it, I really liked it now. I was wondering why there would be a book of spell cards at the basement, but I think this question would later be answered as I continue watching. Please don't spoil anything for me if you have watched the show(s) before.

I know that it's been a while, and I'm sorry for not posting often, but I'm just busy and filled with tasks. I had little time to post on the blog. But don't worry: As soon as I finish ProjCaplas, I'll get back to writing more blog posts.

Thank you for reading.

See you later!

-Alexander James

Thursday, September 6, 2018

My new YouTube channel, LoserAlex!

Ohai~! Alexander here!

Today, I want to tell you, readers of BlogMC, that I've recently been posting on my new YouTube channel, LoserAlex! Some of you may have already seen it, but for those who haven't, please watch my videos! Don't worry, I don't earn cash from my videos, just like I don't earn cash from my blog posts, that means it's not monetized, and therefore no ads.

I don't want to reveal much about the channel, and I don't want to tell you what it's like, because I want you to be surprised, and I know that the channel can be described in different ways.

So just click here to check out the channel. I may not post often because my videos take some time to create, but do check out the first 5 LoserAlex videos! It won't be as hilarious as BlogMC, but it's something I enjoy making so I don't care if people don't find it funny and/or entertaining. (Although I'll try to make the videos entertaining)

Subscribe to LoserAlex if you want more of the dumb stuff I make! (Like this one)

See you later!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Talk Days: The Problem with the so-called Weeaboos

Ohai~! Alexander here.
Everyone knows Hitler was a hardcore anime fan

Today, I'll make a "short" discussion about the one thing that made an uproar in the anime community recently. No, I'm not talking about when BBC reported Doki Doki Literature Club; I try to forget about that because it's stupid. I mean, it says it right there at the beginning that it's not for those who are easily disturbed!

What I'm talking about is the misconception about weeaboos. I've talked about Weeaboos before, and... let's just say that the message wasn't explained enough. What I was trying to say was that people need to stop hating on Weeaboos. But why? They cause nothing but embarrassment, and they disrespect the Japanese culture, right? Well, it doesn't mean you should put shame on them. They do deserve the hate from others, but they don't deserve to be treated differently. Equality, you know. But recently, there was a problem with the society. If this cannot be treated immediately, it will surely tear the anime community apart.

Talk Days: Ruined Rep and Homeschooled again

Ohai. Alexander here.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Talk Days: Birthday 2018

Ohai~! Alexander here.

It's my birthday, or maybe it was my birthday when I wrote this. August 18!

I first wrote this on August 17, because I had to write something for my birthday.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Talk Days: August of 2018

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Today, I'll write a little update.

It's August, finally, and that means I'm back to working on Rejected Domination. After all, August is the AJtheprogrammer Month. It's my birth month. Let's talk about two things here, one is my depression and the other is working on Rejected Domination 1: Eternal Equinox.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Talk Days: Adding new images for old posts

Ohai~! Alexander here.

If you have read old posts in BlogMC before, you know that there are missing images in the old posts mostly posted before 2017. But first, for newbies, what are missing images?

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Talk Days: August is coming, so is Rejected Domination!

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Today, I'm writing another update.

As you know well, I had this old unfinished project called Rejected Domination. It wasn't a success, of course. I risked everything just to work on the project, and it ended as one of my biggest failures, yes, a bigger fail than the discontinued City Chase series. Anyway, the vision I had for Rejected Domination is not very elaborate. I wanted it to be the project where I can express myself, and that's all. There were flaws all over it, and I'm hoping to resolve them when I had the time. But most of all, I still haven't written the next story for Rejected Domination. The story is the most important part of Rejected Domination. Without the story for Project Domination, the series would be meaningless. Also, I'm going to try to find a way to make chaos in the story as much as possible, or at least that was what I'm trying to achieve. Rejected Domination is important to me, because it's my biggest, most complicated project I've ever conceived. I've never realized that a simple GameJolt collaboration would end up becoming my most beloved project. Rejected Domination became my dream franchise, because it was built with love and hope for the ideas of the future generations. Its main themes are the dreams of the people. You can tell that I have wide visions for the project.

Nowadays, I'm spending my free time watching anime, writing stories on Wattpad, talking to others on Discord, and running this website. There are lots of games I left behind because of BlogMC and my stories on Wattpad, and that includes Rejected Domination 1: Eternal Equinox. That was pathetic, right? I left behind the most precious project I've ever made, and started writing dumb stuff online instead.

That is why I'm done running away from my mission.

Kyohi-shi Haken, I'm coming back to start our dream!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Talk Days: School is a Double-edged sword!

Ohai~! Alexander here!

Today, I want to write another update.

It's been a week since I started going back to school, and it felt good. Every day was worth it, because I get to challenge myself and the experience of going to school felt like a nostalgic reward. The school teaches me to spend my time wisely. It was great! I satisfy myself by writing stuff on my notebooks and overcoming everyday challenges! Every day I go to school, I just feel... glad. Joyous, even.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Talk Days: Procrastinating

Ohai~! Alexander here!

I have another update.

I'm supposed to be working on ProjCaplas, but this one anime show keeps luring me in. This vicious cycle of procrastination has happened ever since I started watching anime again. It goes on and on. Due to this, I'm afraid that you won't be seeing another LTA for a very long time. ProjCaplas is a very crucial part of the next LTA. That is why the next LTA was yet to be published; the ProjCaplas is still not done. But at least the LTA itself is.

I've been procrastinating for quite a while now. What's causing the problem? Maybe because I'm tempted by watching Akazukin Chacha, which I just realized that the show is too kid-themed. Not because the characters are mostly kids, but because the story is too simple. I haven't watched the entire series, so I don't know if the whole story is that simple, but don't get me wrong: The story in the first episodes are too simple. Well, what can I say? Maybe this anime show was made for kids, so I really can't argue.

How many days have I watched anime and procrastinated? Good question. I started watching anime again last week (not sure precisely when), and at the time, I just completed Initial D: Final Stage (and every Initial D anime show). After that, it wasn't enough. I listened to some anime soundtracks. Fushigi Yuugi! Yes, I listened to Fushigi Yuugi songs. After that, I went from Fushigi Yuugi to Wedding Peach! Why? Because YouTube. I liked the Wedding Peach soundtrack, so after that, I started watching the anime, "Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach". After that, I lost track of time. Wedding Peach has inspired me so much nowadays. I feel like I should make a pink-haired OC for the heck of it. But really, I can't say how many days I've wasted watching anime. I didn't count, and will never do. It's too much trouble for me. But my guess is that it's been 9-10 days? I really don't know, I'm sorry. But it's a good question, though.

To tell you the truth, I've been procrastinating for more than a week now. I totally forgot about ProjCaplas. That's bad, isn't it? I've been doing nothing but watching anime and I totally forgot about my project. What do I do, Midori?!

"I don't really care, Alexander. You do what you want."

Usually, you force me to do things like Alexander, but right now you're letting me do nothing?

"I'm not your dream sister. Anyway, if you're not happy with what you're working on, then what's the point? You must learn to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy."

Hmm... You're right. I should watch more anime!

"Um... More anime???"

Yeah. I'll watch more anime and forget about ProjCaplas for a while!

"Yes, and after you finish the anime series, you'll watch another, and the cycle of procrastination continues."


"Yeah, you should leave some time for working on ProjCaplas, too."

Yeah... right. I'll try to work on ProjCaplas. No promises, though.

"I don't care. Your stuff is dumb."

Well, that's it for now.

Alexander James
See you later!

-Alexander James

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Talk Days: New Class

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Today, I want to write an update post.

The classes have started today! We've met the new teachers of the class year 2018-2019. Not only that, but the bunch of students, or should I say "classmates", were very interesting, too. I'm not very certain if I would enjoy every day of this year, but... I am sure that it would be fascinating. All I'll have to do is to act like myself every day, right?

"Like, the dandere type?"

Yes, that type. Just like my dream sister.

All I have to do is to act like myself and I'll be safe from bullying! Besides, I don't think that there would be any form of bullying at the class... Wait... no, I take it back, there will be bullying, but not to me. There will be some sort of bullying towards my new classmate from America, I just know it. The way my classmate teases my foreign classmate is a little bit frightening. I think he doesn't even realize that he's being made into a laughing stock. I don't know much about him, other than his first name. His name was "Damian". I gotta be honest though, he might be a cock-blocker. He cock-blocked me with the finger heart gesture. I was about to give him a fist bump but then he used the finger heart gesture, that one K-Pop crap that's really popular nowadays. I don't know, maybe I just don't understand him yet.

UPDATE 7/25/2018-18:13
Damian is a good classmate; he just has a twisted sense of humor. Oh boy.

Now let's talk about the teachers. The teachers we had are either weirdos, lunatics or both. Not in a bad way, but in a really good and interesting way. One of our teachers look almost like Maine Mendoza (if you don't know who she is, here's a link), and god dang she's so talkative. She speaks like 9001 words per minute. There are several new teachers on our class, so it will feel like an entirely new experience for me, much different than before. Old, young, a woman or a man, it doesn't matter. I believe that they will do their best to teach us.

It's a new class, a new age, a new hope will never fade.

"You said that because it rhymed."

Yeah, shut up.

This class year is going to be great! There's decent students in our class, there's interesting teachers, and... well, that's about it. The rest is crap, but I think it's going to be great! We'll see, because although I'm sure that it's going to be great, but I'm not sure if everything will be fine. We'll just have to see, I guess.

"Are you sure that you're prepared for what's to come?"

Don't worry, Midori-chan. We'll be fine!

"Anyway, you're not going to draw me, are you?"

Oh my Lord, you're a genius, Midori! I should show your appearance to my readers!

"  -_-  "

Well, that's all for now.

Midori-chan (The Random Talking-To-Yourself Syndrome, Ms. Green)

See you later!

-Alexander James

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Talk Days: Update 7/3/2018

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Today, I want to write another update.

I just finished watching Wedding Peach! Yay! This didn't feel as much as completing Initial D, but it's been fun. Wedding Peach is surely one of those anime that made me say "WTF" but it's alright. And it was unique, too. The protagonists get to wear wedding dresses for fighting against devils. Did I say that right? "Devils"? As far as I'm certain, there has to be only one devil, but according to this series, there are multiple devils. The series also had kick-ass soundtracks like "21st Century Juliet" and "Dreaming Angels". Yes, those were the best opening and ending themes. But I dislike the second opening a bit. "Wedding Wars" just describes the series, but the style of the music doesn't suit the show. Now, I'm pretty much done, but I also have to read the manga, because they say that the manga is better or some shit. I want to know if they were right.

But man, I want to see an anime adaptation of A.I. Love You. I loved that manga a lot.

Now, the next on the list for me is Akazukin Chacha. It was one of the anime shows I knew and remember when I was a kid. I never watched it, but I remember some of its scenes, somehow. I will watch it, and I will complete it! Man, Wedding Peach made me want to draw pink-haired girls now. N-No, not those psychos, I just want to draw a cute pink-haired girl.

Expect to see a lot more of these updates, because it's the only thing that keeps this blog alive. Also, this way, you'll know what I'm currently up to.

Well, that's all for now.
Alexander Sophine James
See you later!

-Alexander James

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Talk Days: Update 7/1/2018

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Today, I'm just gonna give you an update.

This week, I'll be returning to school! Yay! I don't know what kind of classmates I'll meet at the school, but I am SUUUUUPER excited of how it's all going to happen. It's been a long time since I went to school, so I don't know what the school looks like, so it's exciting. Also, new classmates, new teachers, new education system, new stuff, new everything! It's gonna be awesome! Maybe just for a little while, because it's gonna be tedious and repetitive, but hey, I'll enjoy it a little bit from the start.

School is boring, yes, it is, but I think I'll be able to enjoy it in some other way.

Also, recently, I've been watching anime. What anime? Oh, it's Wedding Peach! You guys know what or who "Wedding Peach" is, right? It's like Sailor Moon, but with brides. I'm planning on reading the manga, too, because it's so good. After that, I might also read Taiho Shichau zo, which is also my favorite anime of all time and the first anime I've ever watched. Anyway, yeah, I'm watching Wedding Peach. It just shows that you don't need to make sense to entertain. After all, Magical Girl anime normally don't make sense anyway. There's no need for explanation; Magical Girl anime is just that bizarre.

Well, that's all for now.

See you later!

-Alexander James

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Talk Days: Poll

Ohai~! Alexander here.

On May 16, 2018, a forum post was posted on the Blogger Help Forum. You know what it is? Well, they retired the Poll widget. That means, you can no longer participate in the poll I had on the right side of the blog. In fact, not only the Poll widget but all other features has been retired, like third-party Gatgets, Next Blog, and Textcube. I don't know what the hell Textcube is. For me, this is a sad news. I know that there are new features I should be excited about, but removing features is a big deal. It's like data genocide. It's tragic.

Well, let's just take a look at the results of the poll.

Featured YouTuber: Primitive Technology & Primitive Survival Channels

Ohai~! Alexander here.
Today, we'll talk about the type of channel that's been getting all this attention recently. I see a lot of these videos lurking around the internet, and I've seen quite enough already. It's not getting a bit old or anything like that. It's just two guys building stuff in the jungle. How could that get old when it's already old? Get it? Because this is primitive. Old BCE stuff. You can't get older than that.