Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Talk Days: So much projects

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Yes, I'm still working on the Let's Talk About for Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls. It takes a while to finish because not only am I supposed to finish the blog post, I'm also supposed to create my own joke fanime for the blog post. I'm not sure if I really should say that, because that's kind of one of the main parts of the post. I wanted to keep it a secret, but oh well.

I have so much stuff to do. First, the blog post for NNSG. Second, the joke fanime. Third, some musics for Rejected Domination. Finally, GOD:TPOB. I had to finish all these. I'm always busy, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

This would interrupt my studies at school, and that's what I'm scared of happening. So I had to finish all these things as quickly as possible.

Why am I making a blog post about it? Because I haven't posted in a while, and I want to make sure that I keep on posting. Sorry, I couldn't post anything because there's not much interesting things I can talk about.

There are a lot of other projects I had to finish too, like Recess Biscuits, Detective R and Rejected Domination 1: Eternal Equinox, but I couldn't because:

  1. I'm always tired.
  2. I'm busy.
  3. I'm procrastinating.
Don't worry, I'll get back to working on Rejected Domination and Detective R later, if I had the time for it. But I can't guarantee that I could.

I'm very excited about making the fanime, though. Because, you know, I'm about to make my own fanime project. And it needs to be in Filipino, so that makes it harder to find voice actors. Yes, the fanime I'm planning is in Filipino, because I want it to be... different.

I'll get back to posting more of BlogMC, if my life starts to become more interesting, don't worry.

Well, that's about it for now.

See you later!

-Alexander James

Friday, April 27, 2018

Talk Days: That Shit Sherlock Jr. Ended!

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Do you remember when I ranted about Sherlock Jr.?

Yeah, that was a long one! I talked about how Sherlock Jr. was the newest disgrace to Sherlock Holmes. I mentioned that it's misleading, because they've been using the name "Sherlock" without adding elements of a Sherlock Holmes novel. I said that Sherlock Jr. corrupts the idea of Sherlock Holmes by changing the genre and idea. Which is true, because it doesn't get close to how the real Sherlock Holmes catches criminals. Sherlock uses forensics, Sherlock Jr. uses pure fighting skills. Sherlock uses deductive reasoning, Sherlock Jr. uses a... dog.

I might say that Sherlock Jr. somewhat ended with a bang. A slight bang that never made sense to me. Why? Because Sherlock Jr. is anticlimactic.

Come on, hop on the Shit-Talking Train!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Talk Days: Adrian Wright comes back in Wattpad!!!

Ohai~! Alexander here!

Do you remember when I made Adrian Wright: Ace Attorney? Well, there's no new episodes for that series because I actually discontinued it because I didn't have enough experience with Ace Attorney script writing. At the time, I didn't use plot outlines like everyone does. I only did my best and improvised without any idea what I was doing, so it ended up sounding like shit.

Three years later, Adrian is back for some more conspiracy action!

I'm writing a short story I'll work on when I have nothing better to do.

It's called Game of Death: Puzzle of Beelzebub. It will be published on Wattpad, like always.

The story is about deciphering ciphers and solving the greatest puzzle in the entire world. It sounds wack, I know. I guess we'll just see if it works or not!

This is just a mini-blog post. Don't expect more things from me. I'll start pumping out more blog posts that are shorter and more straightforward. Because right now, I'll just start treating my blog like it's a diary. I hope you find this good

Well, gotta go write TGOD:TPOB. See you later!

-Alexander James

Monday, April 23, 2018

Featured YouTuber: Brave Wilderness

Ohai~! Alexander here.

These covers are starting to get dumber...
Today, we have a gold one. This is one of those YouTube channels I just discovered recently, like ElectroBOOM. Thank you YouTube for recommending this channel to me. I'm satisfied now.

This is Brave Wilderness, where we can learn more about animals. That's... that's it.

What? You want me to add anything else? That's literally what this channel is all about! It's about catching animals! What more do you want? Flying cats? Swimming rhinos? Cannibalistic dogs? Dinosaurs on skateboards? You know what, that would be cool, but today's not the day for that. Today, we'll talk about the Brave Wilderness channel.

Be brave, stay wild!

That's their catchphrase.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Talk Days: Playing Minecraft

Ohai~! Alexander here.

I've been playing some Minecraft recently, and I thought I had to share some information about it.

For those who don't know what Minecraft is... well, you must be living under a rock. Just search "Minecraft" on Wikipedia and that will give you an idea of what it is. If you don't know what Wikipedia is... my God are you so stupid. Here's the link to Wikipedia.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Featured YouTuber: ElectroBOOM

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Best scene
Today, I want to start a series called "Featured YouTuber", where I talk about YouTubers I think are worth mentioning and sharing to others. I will be sharing my honest opinions about them, obviously, and I will share some things about them.

For today's first Featured YouTuber blog post, I will be talking about ElectroBOOM, also known as that guy who shocks himself for your entertainment.

How could you not love that face? And his fluffy accent is nice too, by the way.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Talk Days: Talking to Myself

Ohai~! Alexander here.

"Ohai~! Midori here!"

Shut up, Midori. No one cares!

"Is that how you treated Alexander James?"

What? No.

"Why do you hate me so much, Alexander? What did I do to make you feel upset?"


"So you don't know the reason why you hate me?"

I just don't want to disappoint the Daftmom Nurse, that's all.

"Well, it's better if you just don't show the Daftmom Nurse about BlogMC; you can just keep this place as a secret from the Daftmom Nurse."

I would love to do that, but I can't because it's already too late. She knows everything now.

"Ah... That sucks. This sucks. Is there any way to prevent her from reading your stuff?"

I don't think so.

"This is a huge problem. At this rate, you won't be able to communicate to Alexander."

I know.

"And you can't type bad words."

Yes, I know.

"I really hope that you'll finally get around this. I mean, this is stupid. I wish that we can do whatever we want with our blog. And I also wish that Alexander and the gang would return. They're very nice people, too."

I know.

"Are you even listening, Alexander?"

I know.

"You're not listening!"

I know.



"Okay then... I'll gladly leave, okay? I'll see you in the next post."

See you later.

Ohai~! Alexander here.

I'm in quite a pickle right now, because I don't have any good topics to talk about right now. That's why I need YOU to give me a topic to talk about. This is to keep the game alive, guys and gals. I need more topics to talk about. I am running out of topics, so I need your help.

You can submit your topic requests on the comments below this post or any post around BlogMC. You can also submit topic requests on my Twitter and Facebook pages. Keep sending those topic requests, because one of them might be a potential Let's Talk About topic!

And for the love of the Moon, stop sending me incredibly offensive topics like Nazi Germany.

You can send me offensive topics as long as it doesn't cross the lines.

Please do it, I don't have good topics to talk about.

Thanks for reading my blog, everyone! If you want to keep this blog alive, the best way to help is to send me topics to talk about!

See you later!

-Alexander James

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Talk Days: Dai Anime and Shower Play is CANCELLED

Ohai~! Alexander here.

Ever heard of Dai Anime?

It's a project I worked on back then, and I claimed that it will be made in 2016 or later. I broke the promise because it didn't have time to do it, so it was repeatedly postponed. I believe I never got the chance to actually work on it. Not even once. It stayed as a ridiculous idea, and a complete ripoff of some of your beloved characters.

Also, there was an idea I came up with, while I was at the bathroom, which is Shower Play. I thought of it as the worst slice of life radio show invented. I thought it's going to be easy, but nope, it wasn't. So the idea came and went.

Both of these projects are bad ideas; it's something like an average weeaboo would come up with, which makes sense because when I came up with these ideas, I was a weeaboo. But not anymore though, Sherlock and Doctor Who saved me from the depths of Weeaboo Hell.

Dai Anime characters consist of Kirit, Gok, Yukiter, and Rourait. And they're all ripoffs. Kirit from Kirito from Sword Art Online, Gok from Goku from the Dragon Ball series, Yukiter from Yukiteru from Future Diary, and Rourait from Rouraito from Death Note. As you can probably see, their names are just names of the original characters without the last letter. That is unoriginal, I know, which is why I didn't work on it.

So Dai Anime sucks because the characters are unoriginal. For Shower Play, it's the exact opposite; it's too original. The characters of Dai Anime consists of A, Hey There, and... The Greatest Pussy Slayer. Don't ask, I was high on water when I came up with this. Shower Play was supposed to be a YouTube audio program, but it didn't quite work out, because I suck at voice acting.

As you can see, I have every reason to not work on these projects, because:
  1. I might get sued for copyright issues
  2. It's unoriginal/ridiculous
  3. Very stupid
And that's why...

Starting on March 14, 2018, which is also Pi Day, Dai Anime and Shower Play is cancelled. No Dai Manga either, because it would suffer the same fate as Dai Anime: DMCA takedown.

I've never felt that someone would remind me about these abominable ideas. Thank you random DeviantArt user for notifying me about this.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Let's talk about: Imaginary Shows

Ohai~! Alexander here.

I can't think of a way to portray imaginary things so...
Let's talk about daydreaming, because I have a wide experience at daydreaming, and because why not, right? It's not like there's anyone stopping me from doing stuff here.

"Alexander, you have to remember: No swearing!"

Oh boy! Why, it's the Random Talking-To-Yourself Syndrome, a.k.a. Ms. Green!

"You know, it's funny. Alexander's only been at several posts and you left her alone, took her away from your blog. Now, she lives at the Rei Manor, sitting in front of her computer making music and games. How does it feel to lose your imaginary girlfriend, Alex?"

Stop it. You're gonna ruin my day.

"You know that Alexander is the only thing that keeps your blog different from other blogs, right? Being able to talk to yourself and all that is a cool thing. Blue says so."

I said, stop it, Ms. Green! The Daftmom Nurse told us that I can't be with my dream sister! And... a lot of other things.

"Hey! Don't use that word! It's sacrilege!"

Just leave, Midori-chan.

"Alexander! Your readers don't know my gender yet! You gotta introduce me to your readers first! It's an important part of blogging!"

Get out.

"Okay, fine! Do your stupid, lame blog your way. I don't care anymore. I'm leaving."


OK. No swearing. Got it.

Anyway, let's talk about daydreaming. Daydreaming is an essential tool for leaving the world behind. You can do whatever you want. It's a way to do the impossible things. Fly around the world, play a complicated guitar riff, meet your favorite Hollywood actor, do things with your favorite voice actor from Japan, and sex things. Daydreaming is leaving the world and being a part of something greater, and that is: Becoming a Dreamweaver. Being a Dreamweaver isn't always about actual subconscious dreams, seeing actual pictures of ideas. Being a Dreamweaver can also be about daydreaming; experiencing and controlling ideas and pictures in your head, since daydreaming is a subdivision of Dreamweaving.

Have you ever thought of making a TV series but you just can't? I have. A lot of times.

And that's what we're talking about today. Today, we're talking about my imaginary shows.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lost images

Because of the recent updates from and Imgur, many photos on blog posts are missing. It might ruin the experience of BlogMC, I am truly sorry.

-Alexander James

Talk Days: The last post with my dream sister in it

Ohai~! Alexander here.

As you may have known, I have a dream sister named Alexander James and also a dream relative named Della Arlene James. If it's your first time knowing this, then... well... it's weird, I know. Today, I will talk about my imaginary friends.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Let's talk about: BlueJackG's Discord Server

The Final Ten is here. Time to demand some, and talk about some.

Ohai~ Alexander here!

Dang. That is one big Anura Sapien.

... And yes, there may be some people people who still believe that Santa is real. I'm so so sorry Santa for saying all that to you, please send me Nintendo 3DS and I'll give you the cookies and milk. Last time on LTA, I talked about Santa Claus, and it sure was a forgotten end,

... Not!

You think that just because I dissed Santa, children's most beloved legendary figure, that writing the blog post was so good that it has created a supernova Kamehameha explosion inside Earth's crust, and months later, I'll be left in the dust?


I will not give up! BlogMC will live!!!

... And yes, I might still post on this site occasionally. I might.

Anyway, today, we talk about... BlueJackG's Discord Server.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Talk Days: Sherlock Jr.

Note: Only Filipino readers can understand what I'm saying here. I'm just ranting on the newest Pinoy TV show, Sherlock Jr. My honest opinion's here, all here. Thank you for reading my blog, and farewell. And oh! Don't forget to follow this blog if you want to see more blog posts in the future.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!

Ohai~! Alexander here.


Welcome to 2018, everyone! A start of a brand new year. It got pretty lonely around here, but that's fine. No one talks to me, no one comments on my stuff, and I just got low ratings on my games.

Pretty good start!

Today, I wanna start the year with my new year's resolution: Using my Computer. Starting this year, I will try not to use the computer too often, I will try out different things like watching some shows and films, playing piano, playing some games, practicing my drawing skills, and anything else that does not include using a computer.

Another new year resolution I have is: Eat less. I just gained so much weight, and I don't want that happening again, I don't want to turn into a living watermelon.

Another new year resolution I have is: Try to blog more. I haven't made a LTA in a while, I'm working on them, don't worry. There may be a little hiatus here and there, but I'll keep on posting on my blog, I promise.

So, yeah, those are my new year's resolutions, I hope it goes well.

What are your new year's resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

Can you believe it? It's been 3-4 years since I've started blogging! On September 20, 2015, I posted my first blog post talking about Anime, the beginning of something terrible. Yes, at the time, it was quite the debatable topic, but nowadays... eh, kinda.

But nowadays, I don't have much to talk about. That's why I need YOU to give me something to talk about. And please, nothing too sensitive. I don't want to talk about Nazi Germany, we don't do that. The last time I saw a topic request was when some guy decided it'd be a good idea for me to talk about Nazis, and then I rejected the request because... who the fuck would want to talk about Nazi Germany? That's like, the most sensitive topic you'll ever talk about, they known for the holocaust, murdering 6 million Jews! Who would want to talk about that? That would seriously offend people, and no one would enjoy reading it! I don't want to joke about something so bloody depressing!

Like I said, nothing too sensitive. You can send a topic request about rape and it's okay, but you can't make me talk about Nazi Germany. Huh, you know, that's actually not a bad idea, talking about rape doesn't sound as bad as talking about Nazi Germany, does it?


I don't expect 2018 to be better than 2017, but I hope it'll be. 2017 was a shit year for me. I'll remember 2017 as the year when I got tortured. But let's forget that for now. Here's to 2018, a brand new year! It's going to be... fantastic!

Umm... yeah, I think that's about it, that's all I can say for now.

If you don't already know, lately, I've been working on a story called Detective R.

If you want to read it, click the link below! It's not completed yet, but hey, it's something I made!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog, and have a good 2018!

See you later!

-Alexander James